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Engraved Stone House Signs and Boulders in Northamptonshire

Discover the expertise of Stone House Signs, specializing in hand-carved, high-quality house signs, name plates, and boulders supplied nationwide by professional stone masons based in Northamptonshire.

All our Northamptonshire Stone House Signs and Freestanding Boulder Stones are totally bespoke to your requirements and quarried from local and sustainable stone meaning no two are exactly alike. Better yet, we always send you a photo of your actual stone to approve before we begin making it.

Custom House Signs and Boulders in Northamptonshire

Stone House Signs, covering Northamptonshire and beyond, is composed of professional stonemasons dedicated to crafting hand-crafted, fully customized Stone House Signs and Name Plaques, delivered and installed across the country.

Each Stone House Sign and Stone Boulder Sign undergoes meticulous craftsmanship using the finest quality stone and on-site engraving by our expert stonemasons. With a diverse selection of stones available in various shapes and sizes, each house sign becomes a unique representation of your preferences. To ensure it meets your expectations, we provide a photo of the chosen stone before commencing work.

Looking for something a little more bespoke? Contact us at, and we’ll be happy to work with you!

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